Growth Hacking Tool for your brand

Compare your brand with your competitors. Follow their followers and get new potential customers.

Key Data of Your Activity on Instagram

Check important and crutial data about your brand on instagram. Discover how many likes you get on average, how many new followers you got last week, what followers likes your pictures the most, how active you are on instagram...


Compare important data with your competitors

Check what hashtags your competitors use the most, how often they upload media on instagram, compare the evolution of followers and likes, check what filter they use the most, what media is getting more likes...

Competitor-Block proof system

Your competitors have blocked you? Don't worry! BOOSTin will still get this key data for you, you will be able to access crutial data of your competitors even though they've blocked you on instagram.


Our algorithm will show you the most active followers of your competitors, so you can start following them in one-click and gain new potential customers in a matter of seconds.